About us

ISDI is the leading international expert association on special dietary foods. It brings together national and international associations active in this food sector from more than 20 countries on over 6 continents.

ISDI is an industry platform for debate on regulatory, technical and scientific issues regarding special dietary foods.

Role & Mission

ISDI’s mission is to support its members in securing a coherent, science based policy and regulatory environment that facilitates the production and marketing of foods for people with special dietary needs. ISDI aims to:

  • Safeguard consumer health and safety;
  • Provide guidance to members;
  • Establish scientific and policy positions;
  • Conduct science based communication, strengthening member reputation;
  • Bring the global voice to local discussions as requested by members.

ISDI is an official observer at the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the joint FAO-WHO food standards setting body.

ISDI as a Global Network

ISDI is the leading global expert association representing the special dietary food sector and as such;

  • Unites national and regional associations active in the special dietary food sector from more than 20 countries;
  • Represents the entire breadth of the special dietary foods sector;
  • Facilitates dialogue between Policy makers, government, industry and across the membership, creating a supportive environment;
  • Promotes specialised dietary foods available worldwide, working with our national and regional associations’ members.

ISDI is an official observer at the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the joint FAO-WHO food standards setting body.



Board of Directors 2019-2021

  • Venetta Miranda


    Asia Pacific Infant and Young Child Nutrition Association (APIYCNA) - Singapore
  • Xavier Lavigne

    Vice President

    Medical Nutrition International Industry (MNI) - International
  • Sabine Seggelke


    Diätverband - Germany
  • Declan O’Brien

    Board Member

    The British Specialist Nutrition Association (BSNA) - United Kingdom
  • Ziting Zhang

    Board Member

    European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) - China
  • Kevin O'Brien

    Board Member

    Dairy Industry Ireland (DII) - Ireland
  • Janet Carey

    Board Member

    Infant Nutrition Council (INC) - Australia/New Zealand
  • Mardi Mountford

    Board Member

    Infant Nutrition Council of America (INCA) - United States
  • Edita de Leon

    Board Member

    Swiss Association of Nutrition Industries (SANI) - Switzerland
  • Nynke Keestra

    Board Member

    Vereniging van Nederlandse Fabrikanten van Kinder- en Dieetvoedingsmiddelen (VNFKD) - The Netherlands
  • Flavio Kakimoto

    Board Member

    Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Alimentos (ABIA) - Brazil


ISDI’s secretariat is based in Brussels and managed by Jean Christophe Kremer

  • Jean Christophe Kremer

    Secretary General of ISDI

Benefits of ISDI membership

ISDI provides an all-encompassing platform for dialogue on current regulatory, technical and scientific issues related to special dietary foods. Membership to ISDI;

  • Provides privileged access to worldwide expertise and the latest science;
  • Is the key to a global platform for industry players to engage in advocacy activity;
  • Allows all members to partake in discussions and to contribute to proceedings;
  • Ensures that small and medium sized companies, through their membership of their national or regional associations, have an equal voice at international level.

Become a member of ISDI

ISDI is a not-for-profit trade association. Being an international federation, ISDI members are national and regional associations sharing the same objectives. Members of national association are companies manufacturing special dietary foods. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member or are ready to join ISDI, please enter your email address below so we can contact you.

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