Hygiene and Quality

Microbial safety of formula for infants and young children requires strict adherence to good hygienic practices during both manufacturing and use of powdered formula.

Codex Alimentarius developed a Code of Hygienic Practice that provides guidance for governments, industry, health care professionals and consumers to address these important issues, and identifies control measures at various steps in the food chain to ensure healthy and safe use of formula.

To ensure safe preparation, handling and storage of powdered formula at home, the quality of water used in preparation is key. The water must be boiled and then allowed to cool down before mixing it with powdered infant or follow-up formula. Formula should be used right after preparation, or alternatively refrigerated. Before feeding, the temperature should be verified to ensure safety. Refrigerated formula not been used within 24 hours should be discarded.

Extensive and rigorous guidance is strictly followed for the safe preparation, handling, storage and feeding of formula in healthcare facilities, enabled by the Codex Alimentarius Code of Hygienic Practice, WHO guidelines, and other worldwide interdisciplinary, science-based quality assurance and compliance systems.