Information on Food Products

Foods for Special Dietary Use (FSDU) are foods, therefore they must comply with the same requirements as any other food regarding product information available on the label. However, this general rule applies without prejudice of any additional and/or specific product information requirements that are linked to the category of FSDU considered. These additional and/or specific requirements can vary according to the category of FSDU.

Similarly, the FSDU comply with the declared values on the label for all nutrients, when handled and stored properly, and consumed by the ‘use by’ or ‘expiry date’.

The ‘use by’ or ‘expiry date’ ensures that consumers and health care professionals have consistent, high quality and safe products. This includes nutrient levels as well as physical attributes such as colour, consistency, homogeneity, and taste.

It is essential to carefully follow instructions for storage and use provided by manufacturers. The health of infants, children and adults consuming FSDU requires proper hygiene, preparation, dilution, use and storage.