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Download the ISDI brochure about FSDU!

This brochure provides the international background regarding Foods for Special Dietary Uses (FSDU) based on THE GENERAL STANDARD FOR THE LABELLING OF AND CLAIMS FOR PREPACKAGED FOODS FOR SPECIAL DIETARY USES — CODEX STAN 146-1985, which establishes at international level this category of products.

The CODEX ALIMENTARIUS international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice contribute to the safety, quality and fairness of international trade. Codex standards are based on sound science provided by independent international risk assessment bodies or ad hoc consultations organised by FAO and WHO.

The brochure is for general information purpose and aims to facilitate the reading and understanding of THE GENERAL STANDARD FOR THE LABELLING OF AND CLAIMS FOR PREPACKAGED FOODS FOR SPECIAL DIETARY USES — CODEX STAN 146-1985.

The brochure can be used as a support for Food Business Manufacturers (e.g. internal trainings programs) or as a background element for discussions with national authorities regarding Foods for Special Dietary Uses.

The brochure does not consider the specific situation of FSDU or specialised nutrition products in each country and should not be considered in isolation.

Download the brochure (updated August 2020)

The brochure is now available in French (Aliments diététiques ou de régime) and Spanish (Alimentos para regímenes especiales)

This guidance document is intended to provide information on Foods for Special Dietary Uses (FSDU) in the context of the Codex Alimentarius. It is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice. It does not replace the relevant Codex Standards and should be read in conjunction with all the relevant texts at Codex Alimentarius level. The information provided is without prejudice to national regulations and interpretations. Sections in italic are directly taken from Codex texts.