Brochures Infant Formula

Download the ISDI brochure on Infant Formula

The material in the brochure is based on Section A of the Standard for Infant Formula and Formulas for Special Medical Purposes intended for Infants (CXS 72-1981), which defines the product category globally. The information that can be found on the brochure includes the explanation of Infant Formula as a breastmilk substitute, general information such as its preamble, scope and description, the essential composition and quality factors, as well as food additives and contaminants or other relevant information like the packaging, the fill of container or the Labelling. It also provides a useful overview of all the labelling requirements according to Codex Alimentarius.


The Codex Alimentarius international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice contribute to the safety, quality and fairness of international food trade. Codex standards are based on sound science provided by independent international risk assessment bodies or ad hoc consultations organised by FAO and WHO. The brochure is for general information purpose and aims to facilitate the reading and understanding of:



The brochure can be used as a support for Food Business Manufacturers as an educational material (e.g. internal trainings) or as a background element for discussions with national authorities regarding Infant Formula. The brochure does not consider the specific regulations of Infant Formula, FSDU, FSMP or other specialised nutrition products in each country and should not be considered in isolation.