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ISDI Represented at CNSC & APCCN in Nanjing

From 19-22 September 2019, Paul Hanlon and Cris Bradley represented ISDI at the 14th China Nutrition Science Congress and 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition in Nanjing, China, taking part in the symposium ‘Forum on Infant Food – Nutrition and Regulation’.

Their presentations on ‘Safety Assessment of Infant Formula Additives’ (Dr Hanlon) and ‘Safe Use of Additives in Infant Foods: What, Why and How they are Used’ (Ms Bradley) provided a complementary and cohesive perspective on the industry’s collaborative work in this challenging area, and were very well received by the audience.

The symposium, which was well-attended by a greatly interested audience, also featured high-profile presentations on China’s regulations on older infant and young child formula, human milk research and outcomes, and infant allergies and brain development.

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