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ISDI publishes new ‘one-stop shop’ brochure on international Codex standards for Foods for Special Medical Purposes

ISDI is pleased to announce the publication of a new guidance brochure on Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP).

The brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the international standards on FSMPs developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and can be used as a training or educational resource by food business manufacturers, as well as provide the basis for discussions on FSMP standards with national authorities.

Jean Christophe Kremer, ISDI Secretary General said: “This brochure aims to be a ‘one-stop shop’ on FSMP Codex Standards that would not otherwise be accessible in one place. It facilitates the reading of these Codex Standards for audiences from national authorities to manufacturers and other interested parties”.

  • The Codex standard for the labelling of and claims for FSMP, CODEX STAN 180-1991

  • The FSMP section of the Codex standard for infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants, CODEX STAN 72-1981

  • The Codex standard for formula foods for use in very low energy diets for weight reduction, CODEX STAN 203-1995

As FSMPs are a category of Food for Special Dietary Use (FSDU), the brochure complements the ISDI FSDU brochure published in 2018.

Download the brochure and press release.
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