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ISDI Press Satement Celebrating International Coeliac Day!

ISDI is pleased to celebrate International Coeliac Day today, and the anniversary of the release of its brochure on gluten-free labelling.

ISDI represents manufacturers of gluten-free foods specifically formulated for people with coeliac disease and welcomes the International Coeliac Day.

Download the full press statement here!

Note to Editors

About ISDI:

ISDI is the leading international expert association on special dietary foods, including foods specifically designed for infants and young children. ISDI members are national and international associations that are active in this sector from more than 20 countries over 6 continents. Our members manufacture and market foods that are formulated, in accordance with applicable Codex Alimentarius standards, to meet the compositional criteria, quality requirement and nutritional needs of infants and young children.

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