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Join our webinar ‘The concept of sweet taste in products for young children: what is it and can it be measured?’ on 28 April

On 28 April, 2-3pm CET, the International Special Dietary Foods Industries Association (ISDI) will hold an expert webinar on ‘The concept of sweet taste in products* for young children: what is it and can it be measured?

*Refers to Drink/product for young children with added nutrients or drink for young children as defined in the ongoing revision of the STANDARD FOR FOLLOW-UP FORMULA (CXS 156-1987) at Codex

During this webinar, our panelists will:

  • Provide an overview of discussions about the concept of ‘sweet taste’ and sweetness in ‘Drink/product for young children with added nutrients or drink for young children’ at Codex;
  • Provide the background to the Codex work, explain the issue and highlight key elements of ISDI’s position;
  • Inform the audience about analytical methods in this context and provide the outcome of the AOAC research;
  • Give an overview of any potentially applicable sensory methods;

This event is open to ISDI members only.


About our speakers

Kaushik Janakiraman
Head of Global Regulatory Policy and Intelligence Nutrition, Reckitt Benckiser

Kaushik Janakiraman is the Head of Global Policy and Intelligence at Reckitt.  Currently, he leads the global regulatory policy and intelligence team and is responsible for delivering global advocacy strategic initiatives and is responsible for foresight, intelligence across all markets in the Nutrition Business Unit. He is also actively involved in matters related to Codex Alimentarius, which includes representing the global, regional and national trade associations on key topics related to pediatric nutrition.

Mr Janakiraman has worked in New Zealand, United States and Netherlands in regulatory roles. He is a Food Technologist from Massey University, New Zealand, with further education in International Food Law from Michigan State University and has an Executive MBA from Erasmus University, Netherlands.

David Labbe
Sensory expert Perception Physiology, Department of Biology, Nestlé Institute of Material Sciences

David Labbe obtained a Master in Management of Sensory Properties of Food at AgroSup Dijon (France) in 1999. He joined Nestlé Research (Lausanne, Switzerland) as a sensory scientist in 2000 and was awarded, in 2008, a doctoral degree from AgroParisTech (France) on perceptual mechanisms underlying cross modal olfactory, taste and texture interactions. He has a strong expertise in measuring intensity of orthonasal aroma perception (smell), retronasal aroma and taste perception (flavour) and texture perception independently and conjointly (cross modal perceptual interactions). He has co-authored about 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the fields of sensory, consumer and behavioral sciences.

Dustin Starkey
Director, Nutrition R&D, Global Analytical and Food Safety, Abbott

Dustin Starkey is currently Director, Nutrients and Bioanalytical, Global Analytical and Food Safety, for Abbott Laboratories’ nutrition business in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  His primary responsibility is leading a team of scientists who are responsible for developing, validating, and improving test methods for nutrients in infant and adult nutritional products and providing technical expertise to internal and external partners. He is a member of AOAC International and an active participant in the AOAC Stakeholder Panel for Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals, representing Abbott on stakeholder and advisory panels. Additionally, he is an active participant in the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling, advocating for endorsement of globally harmonized, fit-for-purpose methods for label-claim nutrients.

Dustin began his career as an analytical scientist with Abbott’s nutrition business, where he spent 10+ years developing, validating, and improving analytical test methods for nutrients in ingredients and finished products.  He later served as manager of Abbott’s site at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Research Park, where he led operations, facilities, and student interns and projects for R&D, Regulatory Affairs, and Operations.  Dustin also served as Sr. Manager, Operations Professional Development Program, leading global strategy and oversight for Abbott’s marquee rotational leadership program for early career, high-potential employees.  Most recently, Dustin was Program Manager, External Engagement, Global Analytical and Food Safety, in which he worked closely with standards organizations, industry peers, and government and non-government agencies to ensure product quality and safety through globally harmonized, fit-for-purpose test methods and standards.

Dustin earned a BS degree in forensic chemistry from Ohio University (Athens, Ohio), PhD in analytical chemistry from the University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH), and MBA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, IL). 

About the ISDI virtual event series

On 20 January, ISDI launched a virtual event series on policy and regulatory issues related to special dietary foods. It goes beyond an online seminar experience – it’s designed to bring the special dietary foods community together in new and exciting ways at a time when staying connected matters most.

These virtual events over the course of 2021 will bring together a first class faculty of international speakers from authorities, academia and industry. They will share their knowledge and experience on a comprehensive range of topical issues relating to special dietary foods:

  • NCDs & malnutrition
  • Infant nutrition (innovations, nutrient deficiencies)
  • Regulatory environment (complementary foods, baby formula)
  • Food safety (additives, contaminants)
  • Medical nutrition (stability of nutrients in FSMPs)
  • Analytical methods 

The programme is spread over the year and will include several events per quarter, packed with world-class experts, panel discussions, engaging breakout discussions, special social hours, and more. 

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